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"There are times that all you need is to stop for a moment and Breathe"

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As we all know, life is dynamic and full of events and encounters that affect us profoundly, and at times distance us from our full essence.

Right now you might feel patterns of unworthiness:

  • That you’re not enough, less than, have nothing to offer

  • Limiting thoughts

  • Repetitive negative patterns

  • Self criticism

It’s no secret that our minds gravitate towards scarcity and negativity, especially after difficult life experiences. This has been proven in many studies.

The good news is that these patterns can shift and transform, and that by working with the tool kit I offer we can find hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

I will help you go through this transformative process, reigniting the sense of your full self from a more abundant consciousness and a passionate place. Together we can change your perception of yourself while recognizing your uniqueness, abilities and strengths, regaining your self-esteem and confidence and healing your relationship with yourself and others.

What a typical session looks like

Nowadays we are often required to fill a number of roles simultaneously, which entails many changes and a lot of stress.

I believe in a short and effective treatment. Individuals who come to therapy seek an approach that can bring about practical and immediate solutions that save time and resources, leaving them empowered and with a sense of relief.

A typical session will start with recognizing and identifying the issues needed to be addressed. Through the course of our meeting we'll find the roots of these problems, by processing and learning new tools that combine soul and body work. Our bodies contain infinite resources for relieving stress, changing our emotional and cognitive status, and we’ll take meaningful steps towards the required change.

Beneficial Effects:

  • Increase self-worth and confidence

  • Develop better coping strategies

  • Release emotional blockages

  • Create abundance and inner peace


About Me

Hadar Gavish

Guiding people through their life journey has become a huge part of my identity as a therapist. I believe with all my heart that warm, nonjudgmental, empowering human contact is the foundation for helping people heal, recover and grow. With this in mind, I aim to help clients lead a life that is stress-free, fulfilling and filled with joy and relaxation.

With a vast therapeutic academic background and many other mind-and-body methods acquired throughout my personal journey, including Rebirthing – a breathing method that facilitates profound relief through an integration of breath work – I have gained experience of working with people with acute anxiety and stress or have suffered trauma. I also empower women in their life cycle, phases, changes and challenges, helping them to claim and regain their self-esteem, find meaning in life, and much more.

I currently accept patients in my private practice and other locations, helping them to grow through combining my rich experience as a therapist with passion, care and devotion.

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